Loan Against Property is a secured multi-purpose loan with larger tenure and lesser rate of interest. LAP is the perfect way to unfold the hidden value of your property. Any residential or commercial property owned by individual or a firm can be used as collateral for loan. The eligibility of Loan against Property is calculated on the basis of either the percentage of property value and income of applicant(s).


Debt Consolidation allows you to regain the confidence by minimizing the monthly outflow & maximizing the savings for future even without increasing the income.


A credit agreement made with a financial institution that permits to use or withdraw more than they have in their account. It helps an individual or small business with short term cash flow problems.


Loan for Commercial Property Purchase with an objective of facilitating the purchase of readily built/ re-sold building units for commercial purpose.


Home loan is a secured loan given to individuals who aspire to build or buy a house. The property so purchased is mortgaged in the name of the lending institution as security, till the time the loan is fully repaid.


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